Cross Country Team Reaches Yellowstone!

By | December 11, 2020

Cross Country runners have been busy training on an individual road trip!

Despite the statewide temporary pause our Cross Country team has been busy getting ready for the season. Coach Andrew Bonica and Christopher Mclsaac have come up with a great motivational tool for the runners until such time as more organized meetings are allowed. Based on the blog by Randal S. Olson, The Optimal Road Trip, in just one week the runners accumulated enough running “miles” to reach Yellowstone National Park. The team goal is to reach all 48 states, a total of 13,699 miles! You can find the entire trip here.

Currently formal practice is scheduled to begin on February 22, 2021 with the first meet scheduled for March 8th.

This year’s boys Cross Country team is lead by senior Jadon Allen and junior Sam Roach, Caleb Lakeman and Cole Naretto. The girls are led by seniors Olivia Seits, Kara Helland, Lily Hughes and Rachel Beddes.

Check back here for updates on Tualatin Cross Country

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